Emily. 15. Brighton. Gay. Taken by my baby. I might follow back.

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It’s really fucked that we can just say we puked or we have a sore throat and stay home from school but we can’t say I’m too sad to go to school or I want to jump off a bridge and school isn’t the best place for me right now. Mental illnesses are just as serious as any physical illness.

Parents need to realize this.

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4:20am and I miss us a lot (via flawlesslystarving)

Please don’t fall in love
With anyone else
Please please please
Don’t hold their hand and trace circles on their thumb with yours
Oh god, please don’t
Kiss their lips and tell them they’re gorgeous
Please don’t please
Kiss every inch of their body and tell them that god made them perfect
Don’t oh god don’t
Grab them by their waist and whisper in their ear that they’re all yours forever
And please don’t oh god don’t
Tell them that you love them, always and promise them a future with wedding bells and a white dress and kids and a big house and your morning breath and kisses and smiles whenever they say something funny, worst yet your laugh or your touch at 2am when they can’t sleep
Oh god please
Don’t make them fall in love with you just like I did
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